Toilet Partition Privacy Options


Hadrian is a company that supplies quality toilet partition privacy options and locker products worldwide. Its services are invaluable if you’re looking to equip public restrooms with the privacy features and partitions they need to make using them a comfortable experience for everybody.  

In this article, we’ll look at the range of toilet partition privacy options that Hadrian provides, so you can see what they offer and decide which are most suitable for your needs.

The No-Sightline Solution

Hadrian’s signature No-Sightline Solution is exactly what it sounds like and is the perfect way of ensuring privacy between different bathroom stalls. Privacy is achieved by having full height and continuous stops, with no breaks or door gaps anywhere. There is no sightline with these partitions anywhere around the doors.  

They also prevent any line of sight on the hinge side of the doors by using fillers to close that gap. However, another option is available – if extra strength is the most important thing, a heavy-duty continuous hinge instead of the hinge side filler.

It’s best for bathroom stall doors to look clean, and these partitions manage that. The exterior has no exposed fasteners so that the doors look clean and unobtrusive. They don’t stand out, which is ideal for something that you want to be purely functional.  

Those full-height continuous stops we mentioned earlier also have the great benefit of distributing force evenly across the door. This makes it easy to open for anyone. 

They also include a rubber bumper so that the doors don’t make any loud noises when they’re being closed, and this also has the bonus of preventing damage from wear and tear during use.

The sturdy metal keeper means you can be sure that the door latch will be secure and that it will last for a long time without damage or performance problems. The aluminum components are also available in a brushed finish so that their look perfectly matches the appearance of stainless steel.

There’s excellent flexibility here: the No-Sightline Solution can be used for all Hadrian installations, whether new or pre-existing. This includes availability for Standard, Elite, and Elite Plus toilet partitions.

Standard Series

These are Hadrian’s standard doors and panels for restroom stalls and the entry point into its range. The doors and panels on the standard range come to a height of 58 inches (or 1473mm). These are set 12 inches (305mm) above the floor beneath.  

There are several available options for how they can be set up within the Standard Series. For example, there is a choice of having them mounted on the floor or hung from the ceiling. There are also floor-to-ceiling, and headrail braced options, so there should be something to suit all kinds of needs and circumstances.

Elite Series

The Elite Series is the next step up from standard in Hadrian’s range. It offers enhanced privacy features – 64 inch (1626mm) high doors and panels which can be set either 6 inches (152mm) or 9 inches (229mm) above the floor.  

With the Elite Series, all sightline gaps are removed by continuous channels. Like the Standard Series, the Elite Series is available in the same four styles: mounted on the floor, hung from the ceiling, headrail braced, or the full floor-to-ceiling set up.

Elite Plus System

The Elite Plus System sees the Elite Series concept and runs with it, taking it further. The idea here is to offer maximum privacy by using 72 inch (1892mm) tall doors and panels, meaning that they’re a full 8 inches (203mm) taller than the basic Elite Series.  

Due to the nature of the doors and screens, the Elite Plus System is only available in floor-to-ceiling or headrail braced styles. Like the Elite Series, the doors and panels are mounted 6 inches (152mm) or 9 inches (229mm) above the floor, leaving only a minimal gap. Another feature it shares with the Elite Series is its continuous channels to eliminate all sightline gaps.

Elite Max

The Elite Plus System is not where it ends for Hadrian’s bathroom stall range. The ultimate in privacy is the Elite Max, which uses doors and panels that are a remarkable 92 inches (2337mm) in height to block out the outside world more completely than anything else in the range. The panels can be mounted 4 inches (102mm), 6 inches (152mm), or 9 inches (229mm) above the ground for maximum customizability.  

The other equipment like the continuous stop, continuous channel, and hinge filler will match the partition’s height. Like the Elite Plus System, the Elite Max System is only available in floor-to-ceiling or headrail braced styles.

Wall Mounted Privacy Screens

Hadrian doesn’t just offer solutions for bathroom stalls but also urinals. One of those solutions is wall-mounted privacy screens. They’re straightforward and relatively inexpensive and comply with the International Plumbing Code (IPC) requirements.  

Additionally, they are effortless to maintain and don’t impede the cleaning of the floors around them in any way. They consist of a 48 inch (1219mm) high screen mounted to the wall between the urinals to screen them from each other.

Floor Mounted Privacy Screens

Hadrian’s other option for privacy solutions for urinals is the floor-mounted version of their privacy screen. It is similar overall to the wall-mounted version but is significantly taller (58 inches, or 1473mm) and has extra support due to a floor-mounted leg.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Hadrian’s range of toilet partition privacy options is wide-ranging and impressive. Regardless of your needs, Hadrian will have something that can meet them, whether for screens to separate urinals or for complete bathroom stall setups with a variety of different heights and set up arrangements.  

SBI Contracting is an expert in all of your construction material needs for commercial bathrooms and so much more! Hadrian’s solutions are effective, economical, and functional without being flashy or including any unnecessary extras. 
To order Hadrian products or for more information on toilet partition privacy options, visit SBI Contracting today.

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