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Commercial bathroom design can be a tricky business. From a historical perspective, these spaces have often been neglected. There was little focus on commercial bathroom design because the idea was that individuals would not be there for long. Many people even avoid visiting commercial bathrooms altogether for fear of germs and bacteria. 

But giving your commercial bathroom an overhaul is one great way to enhance your business’s image with the public. A clean and welcoming bathroom will improve your reputation and make visitors feel welcome to return. 

There are many things to consider when developing a commercial bathroom design. On the one hand, you want to create inviting spaces that make clients, employees, and customers feel comfortable. But on the other hand, you have a ton of practical concerns to consider. You must enhance privacy features so that visitors feel safe. But you must also select equipment that can stand up to heavy use. It’s even better if it is easy to clean. And there is always a budget that must be followed.

Fortunately, there are tons of options on the market to help you complete your commercial bathroom design process. Taking your time can help you make the right decisions about what you want. This process is the best way to make sure you are pleased with the outcome. 

Add Some Color to Your Commercial Bathroom Design

One of the best ways to make a statement and create a mood for any room is selecting the right colors. It’s easy to choose a simple neutral color with commercial bathrooms and move on to the next decisions. After all, that’s what many businesses have done in the past. They created drab areas and used institutional colors. 

But people don’t feel welcomed in spaces like that. And you can often see even the smallest amount of dirt or staining with white colors. Businesses can make more of a statement by selecting colors or patterns that convey a certain mood. Different colors induce different feelings. Bright colors can energize individuals. Dark colors and blues are often soothing and relaxing. And deep colors feel luxurious. 

Selecting colors should be done based on what your business does. It’s a good idea to think of the feelings you would like your clients or customers to have when they visit. Then, identify colors or patterns that inspire those feelings. Once identified, you can incorporate them into your commercial bathroom design at every level, from floor to ceiling.

One big step is selecting equipment in the colors you have identified in your commercial bathroom design.  You can choose either custom or standard colors for powder coat options for your commercial bathroom partitions. And if those colors don’t meet your needs, you can explore laminate options, which can be selected from nearly all laminate on the market. 

If you are trying to create a fun and unique commercial bathroom design, you can also consider mixing and matching colors. You can select one option for the pilasters and another color for the doors. This option is one way to balance neutral colors with vibrant ones.

Incorporating Privacy in Your Commercial Bathroom Design

Privacy in the restroom is essential for commercial spaces. No one expects the same level of privacy they will find in their home. But they do expect to feel enough privacy to feel comfortable. Certain commercial bathroom design selections can enhance feelings of privacy. Ultimately, this will make customers feel more comfortable, which means they are more likely to return.

Options that enhance privacy include:

Eliminating Sightline Gaps: You can incorporate features such as full-height channels, stops, and hinges to maximize privacy. These optional accessories remove gaps that standard bathroom partitions have. It may seem like a small change, but adding these features can make guests feel far more comfortable. 

Adding Bathroom Partitions to Enhance Privacy: You can select no sight/high privacy bathroom partitions in your commercial bathroom design. These partitions cover the majority of the space between stalls. They are difficult to see underneath or look over. And they create a feeling of enhanced privacy. 

Enhancing Existing Partitions: If you aren’t undergoing a complete renovation of your commercial bathroom space, it may be easier to enhance current partitions. It is possible to retroactively improve the privacy of most partitions that are already installed.

Adding Small Details to Your Commercial Bathroom Design

Anyone who has undertaken a big project knows that details matter a lot. Everything you pick out should be selected with the ‘feel’ you are creating in mind. Even hardware selections, such as doorknobs, coat hooks, and hinges, can help you enhance your commercial bathroom design. 

Other style and maintenance tips that can help you with your commercial bathroom design include:

  • Try to soften the lighting. It can make the room appear more elegant and minimize the appearance of dirt.
  • Keep a cohesive design image. You should spend as much time designing the bathroom as the lobby. After all, it should still project the same image and aesthetics you are trying to achieve.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation. This will keep the space inviting and prevent customers from feeling like the room is unclean.
  • Don’t overlook ADA compliance. It’s crucial to understand these, as well as your city’s codes.
  • Look for durable equipment, especially in restrooms that will be used heavily. 
  • Incorporate touchless technology, such as soap dispensers, to further promote hygiene and feelings of cleanliness.
  • Incorporate antimicrobial and antibacterial materials where appropriate.
  • Keep it tidy. No general feeling you might convey will get through to customers if all they see is a mess.

Restrooms are an essential element of any commercial business’s reputation. Even if the rest of the space is warm and inviting, no one wants to return if they were uncomfortable in the restroom. Incorporate commercial bathroom design ideas that feature color, stay clean, create a feel, and enhance privacy. These actions can go a long way in helping customers love being in your establishment. And it will make them want to return in the future!

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