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commercial corner guards

Wall protection will extend the life of any building it goes into. Acrovyn wall sheets are sturdy and easy to clean. Corner guards are a great option to protect paint and keep your building looking new longer.

Have a lobby with chairs? Get our chair rail today and rid your lobby of the eyesore line that the chairs make on your walls. Are you a hospital? Bumper guard and handrails are a must! These products not only protect your walls but your expensive equipment as well.

Hospitals and other high-traffic buildings have near-constant maintenance requirements for their walls. Wall damage is unsightly and can pose a hazard in some conditions. Buildings with high-traffic find that doors and plaster board walls easily damage with heavy use. Wheeled traffic, such as scooters and wheelchairs can also damage walls 

Wall protection devices and wall corner protection provide many benefits in these environments, such as:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: Large medical facilities and other care centers suffer heavy wall damage. Repairing this damage can add up, quickly. Refurbishing the facilities with wall protection and wall corner protection can save tons in maintenance costs. Your facility can also minimize down time and associated lost revenue by reducing the amount of maintenance that is required. All of these benefits add up to better care and service with less investment. 
  • Better sanitation: Hospitals and other care facilities are responsible for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. This requirement ensures the health and safety of patients and visitors. When walls become damaged, they can absorb moisture and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Reducing the amount of damage to walls can reduce bacterial proliferation. And with wall protection options that are easy-to-clean, you can ensure that your facility remains clean and healthy.
  • Reduce downtime: Maintenance requires time; and a lot of maintenance can take a lot of time. Routinely fixing puncture holes, scratches, marks, and dings can require filling, sanding, and painting. In many instances, an entire wall or room may need to be re-painted. What started as a small maintenance project can take far longer than expected. And in the interim, you are usually unable to use the room or area. This reduces your ability to provide patient care or customer service. Minimizing the amount of damage to your walls is the best way to reduce downtime. This process means that you can maximize your facility’s efficiency and enhance customer service. 
  • Avoid quick fixes: Because wall maintenance can lead to downtime, many organizations attempt to use ‘patches’. But these rarely match the room’s aesthetics and can lead to poor customer perceptions about your facility. And low-quality work often doesn’t last. In some instances, it can lead to additional damage that requires major renovation later. Protecting the walls from initial damage is far better than using a quick fix to address damage after it is done. 

Let’s face it, some buildings take a beating. Customers, patients and clients use certain facilities harder than others. But it’s better for you to have material that lasts since it can reduce downtime and maintenance costs. 

Wall protection and wall corner protections can ensure that your building holds up to customer wear and tear. Whether it’s wheelchair bumps or chairs wearing away at your walls, we can help. The professionals at SBI Contracting, Inc. can help you optimize your design, minimize damage, and extend the life of your facility.  

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