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At SBI, we provide a wide variety of washroom accessories that can help you complete any and every commercial washroom project.

We stock Bradley commercial washroom accessories. These two stainless steel product lines are clean, easy to install, durable, and affordable. Many items are in stock to ship within 24 hours. There are many brands and options available for each model, so if you can’t find what you are looking for just give us a call and we can get what you need!

Washroom accessories are often treated as an afterthought in the design of commercial restrooms. But selecting the right washroom accessories can enhance customer convenience and comfort. And having washroom accessories that work reliably is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe business. 

When selecting the right accessories for your commercial restroom, consider the following options:

  • Mirrors – Mirrors provide customer convenience and can enhance the style of any restroom. Commercial-grade options include features such as extended lifespans and durability.
  • Grab Bars – Grab bars are required to meet ADA accessibility standards. You can select from easy-to-clean options that have advanced configurations and design.
  • Towel Dispensers – Automatic paper towel dispensers can adjust the length to achieve zero waste. Many dispensers have an intuitive design to direct users.
  • Seat Cover Dispensers – Toilet seat cover dispensers offer your customer base a safe and sanitary option in the restroom. These accessories can include a stylish finish that holds many covers to minimize the need for frequent restocking. 
  • Napkin Disposal Bins – Featuring a mounted sanitary napkin disposal bin in the restroom stalls ensures customers can conveniently dispose of these products privately. 
  • Tissue Dispensers – Toilet tissue dispensers can be theft-resistant and feature multi-roll dispensing to ensure your customers never run out of toilet paper when it’s most needed. 
  • Soap Dispensers – Soap dispensers are also critical in maintaining a clean and healthy space. Reliable options are functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Baby Changing Stations – Baby-changing stations are essential for family-friendly commercial restrooms. Those with a sleek design can provide a stable, clean, and convenient area to address infant needs. Stations can include optional liners, hooks, and disposal to maximize ease of use.
  • Towel Bars – Towel bars offer convenience for hotels and other commercial buildings that have shower options. 
  • Hand Dryers – Hand dryers are a great washroom accessory for environmentally-conscious customers. You can select from low-watt options that remain durable even in high-traffic conditions. 
  • Utility Shelves and Holders – Many customers have a jacket or handbag with them when they use a restroom. Accessory options – including shelves, hooks, and holders – provide a convenient location for their personal effects.
  • Waste receptacles – Waste receptacles are essential in washrooms. They keep the area neat and tidy. Some receptacles are easy to clean and keep out of sight to keep your restroom inviting for guests. 
  • Combination towel/waste units – Versatile options can allow you to switch between folded and roll paper towels easily based on customer needs. There are also automatic and touchless options. 
  • Sanitary napkin/tampon vending machines – These restroom accessories are vital for many customers. They can come in discreet options that are easy to use for maximum customer convenience. 
  • Fixtures – While many people think of basic fixture designs when they think of commercial restrooms, there are many other options. You can enhance the style and feel of your restroom by selecting elegant designs and styles. 
  • Robe Hooks – Robe hooks offer an added convenience for guests who may use a robe.
  • Curtain Rods
  • Shower Seats – ADA-compliant shower seat options ensure that all guests can access your services. 
  • Specimen Pass-Thru Cabinets – Some commercial buildings have limited medical services or needs. We have washroom accessories, such as specimen pass-through cabinets to meet these needs. 
  • and more

Commercial bathrooms can be elegant and stylish. Selecting the right washroom accessories can add just the details you need to complete a beautiful design. While the above accessories are some of the most common, SBI Contracting Inc. can help you find the right accessories for your commercial restroom. Contact our experts today to learn more about pricing and options. 

Contact us to see how we can solve your toilet room accessory needs!


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