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SBI is the industry leader for operable walls and flexible space and is the most installed brand of operable partitions in the world. SBI has factory-trained estimators and installers that can help you get exactly what you need for your project.

SBI can also service and repair ANY brand of operable wall, from Kwik-Wall to Moderfold to Hufcor, our team can get your wall working smoothly again. Between cleaning and replacing parts to helping the customer understand the functionality of the existing wall, our team can get your operable wall back to working order in no time!

Whether your project is large (convention center, ballroom, entertainment arena) or small (schools, storefront), KWIK-WALL can provide what you need. Their options range from glass, operable, vertical lift, and accordion doors. They also have a wide variety of finishes available to match your project for a final, finished look.

Operable Wall Models include:

  • KWIK-WALL’s Model 2030 is the most popular panel configuration in the industry. Panels are hinged together in groups of two (2) to allow for quick and easy movement of multiple panels from the storage location to the installed position. The track system is a continuous straight run which also simplifies the structural header requirements that are necessary to support the wall system. A full range of panel finishes, options, and accessories are available to customize the wall to best suit your requirements.
  • KWIK-WALL’s 3000 Series – Steel Panel is a complete line of acoustically rated wall systems that are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding sound control requirements. The model 3020 combines durable steel skins with a welded steel frame to deliver superior durability and maximum sound control.
  • Operable Glasswalls: Operable glass walls are ideal for many business and educational settings. They can combine functionality with a modern aesthetic. KWIK-WALL’s Moveable Glass Walls are constructed with an industry first. They use a Mechanically Fastened System to attach the glass to the glass hardware. The glass hardware allows for stacking the glass walls in many configurations. 
    • Stella: Enjoy premium performance and best-in-class sound control with Stella. Available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. Top-supported panel suspension eliminates the need for floor tracks. Explore multiple frame finishes and glass options, with panel heights of up to 14’9”, perfect for any space big or small.
    • Luna: Luna is where performance meets elegance and blissful silence. These sleek aluminum-framed operable partition walls are available in 2-3/4”, with both floor-supported and track-supported options available. Choose between laminated, switchable, and tempered glass in a variety of finishes to suit your space. With low-profile floor guides and high opening heights of up to 13’, it’s clear to see why Luna is one of the most popular beauties in our Kwik-Wall range.
    • Illona: Illona is the trimmest framed operable acoustic partition in the industry, with ultra-thin glass that doesn’t compromise acoustic separation. With 35 STC certified sound control, Illona respects office discretion – and she looks good while she’s at it. Available as pivoting panels on single carriers, floor-supported/top-guided continuous hinged panel trains, or top-supported individual panels with twin carrier suspension.
    • Ava: Ava is ideal for spaces that require the aesthetics of operable glass wall systems, without the need for sound control. Ava effortlessly glides across the room with poise and grace, without making a peep. With multidirectional individual panels, Ava delivers limitless storage location potential no matter the design of your office.
    • Mata: Looking for something a little different with an oriental flair? Mata is your answer, blending the raw beauty of organic wood with the performance of premium glass quality. Available in Maple or Red Oak, Mata is triple laminated, stained, and sealed to perfection with a matte polyurethane finish. This stunning moveable glass partition also looks great in plain white or black, depending on your design vision.
  • Accordion KWIK-WALL Operable Partitions: Accordion Partitions provide the most economical sound rated solution to effective space management. Accordion partitions are offered in several STC ratings, manual or electric operation, straight or curved tracks, along with a variety of options. These partitions are designed to provide years of service in the most demanding environments.

SBI Contracting is the industry’s leading authority in operable partition walls.  KWIK-WALL is SBI’s partner of choice, and together, we bring our clients high-performance wall solutions that transform the essence of any space. We will work with you to deliver the results you desire – from concept to design to delivery to installation. A KWIK-WALL operable partition is not an expense; it’s an investment into your building that will last for years to come.

KWIK-WALL operable walls and operable partitions offer the best partition technology. There are many design and material options. This flexibility ensures that our clients will be pleased with the functionality and sophisticated look that these partitions create. 

Our Preventative Maintenance Program ensures that your airwalls live up to their potential for years of use.  SBI Contracting has factory-trained technicians with the know-how to keep your airwalls in top ‘operable’ condition.  Whatever brand of airwall you have, we have the resources and experience to ensure your airwalls are always running smoothly.  Regular inspections with our Preventative Maintenance Program help detect and identify potential problems and make timely repairs before they become a costly replacement.

We are able to service any issue you may have with a KWIK-WALL partition (even if we didn’t originally install it), and we are able to service all other brands for maintenance and parts. These walls should last, and the manufacturer’s warranty covers many issues, but they do require maintenance and upkeep. Please contact us for maintenance programs we have available.

Our factory-trained estimators and installers take pride in being able to provide our customers with their knowledge and expertise. We will gladly help customers who may feel overwhelmed with a product they aren’t familiar with. We are able to walk through the design phase with them, helping them to get just the right wall for their project. We understand that it is an investment in their building and needs to work for them for years to come.


operable walls


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