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cubicle curtain track
Source: InPro

Cubicle curtains and tracks are used in many settings to protect the health, safety, comfort, and privacy of the people in the area. We see these systems in many medical facilities, where curtains partition space and ensure privacy.  These dividing cloths provide a separate enclosure for areas where multiple patients may be present. They are made from flame retardant, antibacterial fabric to enhance safety. Cubicle curtains are suspended from tracks.

To optimize performance in your space, you need reliable and durable cubicle curtains and hardware. And they need to meet safety protocols. Curtains that do not meet the 70% mesh open rating may not allow for adequate ceiling sprinkler head water penetration if there is a fire. And those that do not have antibacterial properties can contribute to the spread of hospital-acquired infections. These infections are incredibly costly for many clinical facilities. Unfortunately, they also contribute to many unnecessary deaths each year.

Given the importance of receiving proper medical care, clinical facilities must be very cautious to select only the safest materials possible. SBI Contracting works with InPro and Construction Specialties to provide top-of-the-line cubicle curtains and tracks. These materials meet all safety recommendations and can be manufactured to fit any project. We can work with any clinical facility to ensure that they have the best materials to enhance patient care and privacy.

Cubicle curtains may also be appropriate for some commercial applications, such as in dressing or fitting rooms. While commercial applications may not have the same safety and health requirements, they may want to promote a specific aesthetic. After all, you want customers and clients to feel safe and comfortable in your business – even in their private space. With many style options, we can provide curtains for commercial applications that enhance feelings of comfort and privacy. And you are sure to find an option with the right style, colors, and materials for your business.

Construction Specialties and InPro provide us with top of the line cubicle tracks and curtains that can be manufactured to fit any project, whether it’s clinical, commercial, or anything else. While most commonly used in hospitals and medical office buildings for privacy, our lines have many options for designers while still being antibacterial and meeting hospital codes.

Additionally, SBI Contracting in working with InPro and Construction Specialties can deliver accessories that further enhance the space and meet your goals. Whether you require minimal noise, curtain rods, IV hangers, offsets, or stops – we have what you need. We have hush curtains, hookless options, recyclable or disposable curtains, non-vinyl options, and snap/lock systems.  Moreover, we can offer these in a wide array of colors and fabrics to meet any design or aesthetic. They can enhance the existing beauty or features of the space. And while many clinical facilities prioritize function over aesthetic, they won’t have to with cubicle curtains from SBI. They can offer patients both – a safe and secure space free of germs that is also calming and appealing. 

With cubicle curtains from SBI Contracting, you can be sure that your patients or customers feel comfortable in their own private space. Contact us today for more information!




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