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Commercial Site Furnishings

At SBI, we offer a variety of commercial site furnishings that you may find yourself in need of, including:

  • Flagpoles
  • Bike Racks
  • Picnic Benches and Tables

Standard: External Rope Commercial Flagpoles are the most basic, standard style of flagpole. This series has a cleat mounted to the pole to wrap or tie the rope around, which is usually placed about 5’ above ground level.

Low cost: They are the least expensive Commercial Flagpole Series, making it a very popular line. This style of flagpole is universal and has been used by businesses, schools, government buildings, churches, monuments, parks, and homes.

Strong & easy to use: The External system is extremely easy to operate for both children and adults. Pole strength is unsurpassed since there are no access doors cut into the pole. They have the highest wind ratings as a result.

Security: Cleat Cover/Lock Boxes and Rope Covers are additional items that can be purchased to help provide security and limit access to vandals and pranksters. If security is a concern, the Internal V-Cleat or Winch system series may better suit your needs.

A flagpole can finish the exterior look of any commercial building. From a standard 25’ pole to a statement 80’ pole, SBI can get the flagpole to meet your needs and wants. There are many different accessories and finishes available to customize the flagpole to your specific project. A gold ball or eagle finial takes the look to the next level with subtle elegance. Light from a building, the ground, or the top of the pole allows you to display your flag at night.

There are many different finishes available as well, clear anodized, dark anodized, satin finish, and medium bronze anodized. We can also get any flag that you need to fly on your new pole.

At SBI, we partner with Dero to provide quality, sleek-looking bike racks for any project. Dero can provide many standard options, but they also can create just about anything you could dream up for a bike rike.

We specifically recommend Dero bike racks for all your bike storage needs because they have all different designs: from standard hoops and rolling racks to custom racks with your company’s logo, to bike shelters and bike lockers. They also have basement wall hanging options for multifamily housing. 

Dero bike solutions are priced competitively for the quality they offer and their length of life (they will last the life of your building!).


bike rack


choosing a picnic table

We can also get all different designs of picnic tables and benches through Uline. There are hundreds of different styles, designs, and materials to select from to match your product’s design and color needs. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our flagpoles, bike racks, picnic benches or tables!


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