Athletic and Recreational Equipment

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Athletic and Recreational Equipment

High-quality, safe, and secure athletic and recreational equipment is a necessity in any school, church, or community center. Gym equipment should last the life of the building, and Draper is the manufacturer to use to achieve this.

Draper provides quality products, high above industry standards, tested to the max for safety. Using the partnership between Draper and SBI Contracting; you will get a high-quality product and install with local experts to maintain the product throughout the life of the building.

Draper is a one-stop-shop for all gymnasium equipment. Basketball backstops, divider curtains, wall pads, and volleyball systems. Keeping all of these items with the same manufacturer will save you time and money at the front end of your project and the end when it comes time for maintenance and repairs.


Basketball Equipment: Basketball equipment includes backstops, backboards, goals, accessories, and outdoor basketball equipment. There are many different options for basketball backstops, and how they should be installed in your facility depends on the layout of the building and the ceiling structure. 

A few options are: Wall braced TS-22 for spaces that don’t require folding backstops. The TF-20 is the most popular forward-folding backstop. The TB-25 is the coach’s preferred backstop that is ceiling suspended, rear braced, and rear folding so that there is nothing in front of the backstop. There are also stationary wall mounts and many more options. All Draper backstop clamps have been tested to withstand 20,000 pounds, making them one of the safest products on the market. 

Draper also offers just backboards (glass or fiberglass) or goals (breakaway or stationary) with either a nylon net or chain net. They also provide bolt-on backboard padding in a variety of colors that fits all official rectangular glass backboards. 

Use Draper high-quality products to complete your project today!

Gym Dividers: A gym divider curtain is a convenient way to divide a gym with the turn of a key, push of a button, or pull. There are many different options from solid vinyl blocking line of sight to mesh, allowing vision to continue throughout the space. 

Here are two examples of the many different gym divider curtains Draper has to offer:

Fold-Up Gym Divider: This option works with the turn of a key switch. The bottom tube goes up as lift cables pass through grommets and execute an accordion fold-up action that folds the curtain compactly to the ceiling. It folds and unfolds without any horizontal cables, ropes, or pulleys, to give a smoother transition and longer life to the product.

Roll-Up Gym Divider: The option is very easy to operate and also uses a key switch. It is installed to hang from the overhead supporting steel structures. A 4” diameter tube rotates at the bottom of the curtain and with the turn of a key moves up or down. It is a compact wrap that is stored in a secure position at the ceiling. All hardware is welded or heavy gauge to last the life of the building. 

Wall Pads: Draper wall pads come in a wide range of colors to meet whatever logo or mascot you may have. They also offer custom graphic wall pads that use curable inks that produce clear artwork from any distance. You can use your mascot, logo, full-color picture, or anything else that you design or Draper can design for you.

Wall pads are essential to providing player protection in basketball games, volleyball matches, gymnastic competitions, and wrestling meets. Drapers wall pads are manufactured in one-piece construction and fully wrapped with vinyl. They can cover corners, columns, beams,  and doors. The factory can also provide cut-out kits for electrical outlets.

Another use for wall pads is time out or quiet rooms in schools across the country. We can completely cover a room, floor to ceiling, to provide a safe space for kids to go when they need a few moments to recover.

Call us today to talk about getting proper wall pads for your building today. 

Volleyball Systems: Draper has a wide variety of volleyball systems depending on the need and layout of your facility. Two court systems, combination systems (can move from volleyball to tennis), overhead systems, and many more options. SBI can install in-ground mounts for volleyball systems and they can provide floor cover plates for the holes when the volleyball systems are not being used.

Give us a call today to talk about your volleyball system needs! 


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